German pinscher puppies

October 10 and October 17, 2022 at the kennel “Bright Fox”
were born german pinscher puppies

Available for sale:
1 black & tan male and 1 red male;
3 black & tan females and 1 red female

Contact information

Breeder: Ksenia Volobueva

phone: +7 (911) 270-08-88 (WhatsApp, Viber)


All our german pinscher puppies are professionally grown, they are given a lot of attention. Puppies are surrounded by love and care from the very first days of life. They pass initial socialization and have excellent health.

If you buy a puppy in our kennel, we will help you to go the whole way from choosing a puppy to his victories at different sports events and dog shows, and also we will pick you the best family friend!

Our puppies are sold with a veterinary passport, a russian pedigree and the necessary kit for the first week of life in a new home. With each customer we conclude the sale contract.

After the sale of the puppy the kennel provides expert advice and support to the owners, which is especially important in the first year of the puppy’s life.

It is possible to deliver our puppies to the other cities and countries: we will help to make inquiries for the removal of the puppy outside the city or country and we will choose the fastest and safest way of delivery.

In future owners of our puppies we want to see responsible people who are ready to give a decent life to the dog throughout all the years of life.

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